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Groups & meetings business reimagined

Applying smart contracts and intelligent automation to improve the way group and meeting travel finances are managed, bills are settled, and accurate audit trails and reporting are captured.

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Local distribution unleashed

Empowering hotels, tour & activities businesses, and destination marketing agencies to leverage the power of distributed ledger technology to compete globally

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Financial services and payments optimized on the blockchain

Building digital solutions on Distributed Ledger Technology to solve challenges with payments and other financial settlements. Our customers and partners are able to streamline purchases and reduce transaction costs with digital currency payments.

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Travel Distribution Reimagined

Clear Chain Travel offers technology solutions supporting travel providers through the combination of smart contracts and blockchain technology to save money, improve financial liquidity, and allow our clients to access markets that were previously cost-prohibitive.

Groups & meetings management reimagined

Clear Chain Travel applies distributed ledger technology to managing groups and meetings business via smart contracts to standardize and improve transparency in back office activities such as financial settlement, transaction validation, and record-keeping.

Our groups & meetings service includes digitizing contracts, corporate policy documents, and other assets for all vendors to the meeting and related activities, a real-time event management platform, and financial settlement and reconciliation support including robust auditing capabilities.

Customers using CCT’s platform will realize direct cost savings from our process automation solutions, while moving contracts and financial settlements to a blockchain platform will instantly optimize liquidity, transparency, and the accurate movement of funds related to Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable activities.

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Local travel distribution reimagined

We all know the chilling effects of the major OTAs on innovation and new entrants to the global distribution ecosystem, and there has been a similar effect on suppliers of travel services that want to expand globally but cannot due to high fees for integrating with the major OTAs as well as critical business support processes such as credit card fees and other financial settlement and reconciliation activity.

CCT sees blockchain-based platforms as a solution to this problem, specifically by allowing more small hotels and providers of ancillary services such as local tours, city/beach/mountain activities, and restaurants, that do not currently sell on the global OTAs to participate in global online distribution.

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